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ufosandaliens's Journal

UFOs and Aliens
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created and moderated by dragonguyver

This is a community for the discussion of UFOs and Aliens. Believer or sceptic or disbelievers, no matter what theories you subscribe to, come and talk about it.

Have an abduction or sighting to talk about? Hear about a wave of sightings somewhere? Good site to show? If you have anything UFO-related, post it!

Rules: I abhor personal attacks. If you think the UFO community is dumb and you want to comment or post something asinine like "YUO R ALL FAGZ!" You can expect to be summarily ignored and your post possibly deleted. Repeat bullshit posts or comments like those get you banned.

If you've got something intelligent to say that you think is evidence against the existence of UFOs and Aliens, it's very welcome. I'm the moderater, and I love smart arguements.

Likewise, I won't tolerate flaming of non-believers.