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UFO Sighting

Just a few hours ago I spotted what I believe may have been an UFO. To my naked eye, I first thought it was a star. But it was shining far too bright, was a golden/sliver colour, and I could just barely detect a kind of circle that surrounded the UFO that looked like some sort of energy around it.
Now, I was lucky enough to have binoculars nearby, which I quickly took and pointed them to this possible UFO I was seeing. When I looked through the binoculars I saw that the UFO was actually multi-colured, although it did have the gold/silver around it. To be honest, I thought the UFO was beautiful, which may sound odd to some. Other things I noticed about the UFO was that it wasn't traveling at super-sonic speeds, but moving very slowly, almost as if it was swaying.

I did look up the internet to see if any other UFO cases were similar to this, and I found this page here: click This is perfectly the same as what I saw, except that the UFO I saw didn't fade in and out of sight.

But I'm curious to know if any others here ever saw something like this? 


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