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You are probably are aware that all this alien and ufo stuff is some strange-ass-shit. It's a bizarre marriage of physical evidence and strong witness testimonies to hallucinations, cultural influence, mythology and down-right delusional thinking. We have testimonies of people seeing things that seem to react to what they want to see and shape-shifting tricksters that paralyze you at night lurk around corners staring at you in the face, making themselves only more fearsome when you are afraid. The structure of the abductee's mind and how they perceive reality largely defines what the abductors do and that's weird. Weirder still is that there are some patterns that are universal. It's like a dream-world that manifests itself into reality ever so slightly with some triangle shaped scars here and some scoop-marks there. Clothes left on backwards and hours gone unexplained, how bizarre these dreams are, they seem to be half-real.

Star light star bright I see a star moving tonight. Wish I may wish I might not have it cause me fright.

Straight through the walls they are coming, they're coming to take you suddenly and painfully. They are inherently undefinable and will never truly emerge into reality, these demented bug-eyed creatures.
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