Megan Coyle (embersilversnow) wrote in ufosandaliens,
Megan Coyle

Washington Sate and the Paranormal...

Has anyone noticed that Washington state seems to be a hot spot for paranormal activity (UFOs, abductions, Bigfoot, Ghosts, etc.)? I live in Spokane, WA and have had 2 UFO sightings and a couple encounters with ghosts.

I know that the term "Foo Fighters" was coined here, and also that in 1947 Kenneth Arnold saw a UFO in WA, that would later coin the phrase "Flying Saucers." There also seem to be quite a lot of reports of hauntings. Nearly everyone I've ever talked to has had a ghost story of some kind.

Has anyone else in this group had sightings in Washington, or have you heard stories of other people who have? I'm just curious: How creepy is this little state that I was born and raised in?
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