Megan Coyle (embersilversnow) wrote in ufosandaliens,
Megan Coyle

UFO Question

Assuming that UFOs are spacecraft piloted by extraterrestrials, why are they crashing into our planet so often? I watched a show today on The History Channel about Hangar 18 at Fort Wright AFB in Ohio. At one point they illustrated all of the UFO crashes that they suspect were shipped to Fort Wright. There were quite a few. So I started wondering... Are aliens really bad drivers? Do we have atmospheric conditions that are a problem for their ships? Or is our government (and several others) shooting them down? The implications of the latter are quite frightening. I mean, I think that we should have a say in whether or not our planet starts an inter-galactic war, you know?

Either way, has anyone read speculation about this? Or found a news article that I've missed?
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