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What are your favorite UFO cases?

The most believable? The most entertaining? (the entertaining ones don't have to be 'so believable')

Some of the ones I liked over time:

1) Steven Michalak (sp?) in Canada: UFO lands in the woods near him. Occupants speak some language (more like make noises) he doesn't know. The fact he's approaching the craft is apparently undersirable so craft immediately takes off again. He's burned by exhaust from craft taking off, and still has physical effects from these burns decades later that doctors can't explain... Why is believable: 1) this guy didn't do this to himself. If he did, -why-? and -how-? 2) The saucer shaped craft he saw (one of which landed and he got this close look at) were decades ago. If a secret government project, why aren't they used in modern conflicts?

2) Vicky Landrum and Betty Cash once saw a mysterious craft hovering over a Texas road. They all got bad radiation exposure and Vicky, who got closest to the object was badly burned. I do believe they saw the craft they described. Others supposividly saw the thing too. They didn't burn themselves. However this can't be ruled out as government project... After all, military helicopters were on-scene and I read online that the USAF eventually paid their medical bills(?). Last I checked the USAF wasn't in the health insurance business, so what made someone's exposure to a 'UFO' their problem (unless of course the thing was a military experiment and they could get in trouble over the matter otherwise)...

- Of course the triangular craft over Belgium in the 80's were pretty riveting... True some people enjoyed hoaxing such craft over the years, but military jets tried to follow this craft with only limited success... Could be a US project though? We have UAVs today. We had remote control airplaines in the 80's... why is a non-human-piloted UAV so far fetched in the 80's? (supposividly the craft made manuevers a human couldn't withstand). But then they were seen hoving silently in the air (which we can't do today still, except as a blimp, which some people have told me is what they probably were) and how come today we've heard no more about them (they didn't end up appearing in human technologies)... And if they were US, why were we flying them over Belgium? And if we had permission, how come their citizens still don't know what they were?

As for purely entertaining, there was the Fate Magazine article I saw in the 80's/90's about mysterious beings that would visit this person, and let them take pictures, but only in low light (gee, I _wonder why_), and they could not be touched or they'd explode (Gee whiz, Batman)

Then there was some (UK?) documentary which showed some guy and his girlfriend in the country who saw some spooky-looking balloon or jellyfish shaped object in the sky... This guy used his rifle scope to get a look at the object. If Obama wants to create a 'Secretary of Interplanetary Affairs', I recommend this guy. :-D Of course, if I were that guy, I'd have done the same thing. All sorts of 'stuff' can happen in the time it takes you to get that scope off the rifle :-D (And if it -does- turn out to be 'hostile', you now have a gun without a scope)
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